Dozer Costs [ Hourly Based Expenses to Operation ]

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A dozer is handy when you want to move heavy objects or high volumes of material. You may need one of these heavy-duty machines if you work in farming, mining, or construction.

Sometimes you need this equipment for a particular task. When buying one is not an option, you may wonder how much to rent one per hour.

It is crucial to understand the hourly rate is not the only thing you are charged for when you rent a dozer. Other aspects will add up to the final price.

Understanding Dozers And Its Types

Dozers are designed to go through all types of terrains. It is a feature you will find in all dozers, and it’s what makes them so great in different tasks. There are a few things that can vary depending on the dozers.

Dozer Blades

The front blade comes in three different types.


Dozers can have GPS capabilities, and this is a feature you can add to it. These are great functions that are useful, but it comes with some limitations. In general, one of the following could affect the GPS signal:

  1. The surroundings can block them.
  2. Weather conditions.
  3. Your receiver might not be able to access the satellites during the whole day.

After you understand the drawbacks of GPS usage in earthmoving, now we want to give you more information about the types of GPS. Here, we have listed the GPS pros and cons of the two options available in the market.

Indicate Only GPS



Fully Automatic GPS




The size is a crucial aspect when it comes to dozers. You can have a range of sizes, and you should consider the application you need it for before renting one. We will see the three main categories and the options available.

Small Dozers

These machines are usually the less powerful. However, they can access narrow places and are perfect for carrying small loads.

Small dozers can carry up to 20,000 pounds, and their power range from 75 to 125 hp.

Some models are:

Most small dozers come with an S-blade and GPS functionality. The cost will vary depending on the unit’s power.

If you want to rent it for a day, the prices may be the following:

If you choose to rent for the whole week, the prices would be $1,900, $2,350, and $3500, respectively. When you lease for the month, you may find prices ranging from $5,300, $6,650, and $9,700.

The average cost per hour would start from $30 to $52 on a daily billing. If you choose to be billed by the week, the prices will start from $12 to $20.83

If you rent for a month, the average cost per hour would go from $8 to $15.

Medium Dozers

These dozers are more versatile. You can use them for various operations, and you can get the job done faster than small dozers.

Medium Dozers can move an average load of 40,000 pounds, and these machines are powered with up to 250 hp.

Some medium models are:

To rent a medium dozer with an S-blade costs you $1,620 daily. You can rent it a week for $4,465, and the price is even lower if you want to rent it for a whole month for $12,620.

The cost per hour would be $68, $27, and $17.54, depending on the period you choose to rent it.

To rent a medium dozer with an S-U blade, you will pay around $1,850 daily. If you lease it for a week, it will be $5,250, and if you go for a whole month, the total price would be $15,000.

The cost per hour would be $77, $32, and $21, depending on the period you choose to rent it.

As a standard, most medium dozers come with GPS technology.

Large Dozers

Large dozers are rarely available for rent because they are primarily used in mining. These machines’ power exceeds 250 hp and can move loads of 100,000 pounds or more.

Some large models are:

The cost per hour would be $137, $56, and $38, respectively, if you rent per day, week or month.

Added Costs In Dozer Rentals

There are other added costs you must consider when renting a dozer. Your sales agent will most likely detail them when you quote, but we want to make sure you know them beforehand.


It is a critical aspect you should consider. Moving big machinery as this one comes with a cost.

Operator Training

If you don’t have someone trained to operate the dozer, the rental store may offer you this service at an additional cost.


The dozer may need special attachments depending on what operations you are performing.

Additional charges

Some rental stores may collect additional environmental fees or insurance fees.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between a track-type tractor and a dozer?

Track-type tractors are a type of dozer. Dozers can be wheeled or track-type. It will depend on the terrain where you will use them.

Should you buy or rent a dozer?

If you need the dozer for a specific task and you probably won’t use it again, you may consider renting instead of buying. Another advantage you get by renting is that you don’t have to worry about storage.

But if you find yourself needing a dozer very frequently throughout the year, you may consider buying one.


Dozers are heavy-duty equipment, and sometimes it’s better to rent them. As you can see, you will get better prices when you decide to rent for a long-term period.

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