What Does a Bulldozer Ripper Do?

By Robert Romboa •  Updated: 08/22/23 •  2 min read

Bulldozer rippers are a specialized type of excavator that is used to remove trees and other obstacles from the path of machinery. They can be found in areas where ground preparation is required before construction begins, such as developing residential neighborhoods.

Bulldozers rip deep trenches into the earth with their powerful blades, while bulldozer rippers cut through what remains after they have done their work.

Why Do Rippers Come on Dozers?

There is more specific machinery to do heavy-duty ripping but on a dozer, this allows for clean small tactical work on your space without needing a larger machine.

They can also be used in areas where there are large rocks that need removing, and sometimes even trees as well making them a very versatile piece of machinery that does many different jobs.

Bulldozer rippers come on bulldozers because they have similar functions but drastically different applications, which makes them perfect mates when constructing a new neighborhood or preparing land before construction begins.

In Summary

Bulldozer Rippers are what they say – equipment that rips. They rip through what’s left after a bulldozer has done the dirty work, and can also be used for pulling up large rocks and trees as well making them very versatile machines if you need to do some cleaning and ripping in your area.

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