Can a Tornado Pick Up a Bulldozer?

By Robert Romboa •  Updated: 10/23/22 •  2 min read

A bulldozer is a heavy piece of equipment. It has a wide range of uses. One of its uses is in construction. The question is, can a tornado pick up a bulldozer? If so, how? Read on to find out.

a tornado can pick up a bulldozer

If you have ever wondered how a tornado can pick up a bullozer, you’re not alone. Tornadoes have been known to pick up everything in their path, including buildings, cars, and bulldozers. A bulldozer is about ten times bigger than a human, so a tornado can pick one up and toss it across a city block.

The tornado descended again as they were driving north, kicking up rocks that shattered their windshields. As the tornado descended, it picked up the bulldozer’s front end and dropped it on the hood of a nearby truck. The bulldozer was still on the hood of the truck, so the driver was probably dead. John Smith, a former Cal Fire firefighter, was driving when the tornado struck. He reached for his fire shelter behind his seat and nabbed a gear bag by accident. He put the gear bag in front of his face to protect his airways, and soon a white blister appeared on his fingertips. The tornado dissipated two and a half hours later.

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