Cherry Pickers [ Proper Storage Techniques ]

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Cherry pickers are a great piece of equipment to have on hand when you need to get that job done from high up in the air. But, what do you do with them after the job is complete? Proper storage techniques for your cherry picker can help extend its life and increase efficiency. This blog post will explore how and why they should be stored properly so that it’s ready to go whenever you need it!

Now that we understand the basics we can look more into storing your cherry pickers as it pertains to your specific circumstances. These can help you understand why you see them raised around town over nights.

How Can Proper Storage Techniques Impact Construction Profitability?

Proper storage techniques can greatly influence the profitability of various construction projects, especially for the most profitable construction types. Efficient storage minimizes material waste, reduces damage or loss, and enhances worker productivity. This ensures that construction companies can complete projects on time and within budget, maximizing profitability. Employing organized storage systems and implementing meticulous inventory management practices are crucial for construction companies aiming to optimize their profit margins.

How to Store Cherry Pickers

You need to store cherry pickers when they are not in use. For people who haven’t owned one you may have questions on how do you store cherry pickers?

A cherry picker will typically be stored with the basket up in the air, this is for many reasons but the main one being that you can’t really drive with the basket in the air which helps cut down theft along with it taking up less lot space and validating if hydraulics are fully functioning.

Choosing to keep the basket high isn’t a requirement, it is just very convenient for the owner. If you had the space on a lot you could store them with the basket down but it is suggested this be behind a gate and entryway to stop someone from stealing them.

Why a High Basket Is Helpful & Important

There are a lot of reasons why you choose to leave your cherry picker basket up and not on the ground. Many are simple and some are more complicated. I will dive into the most common as heard from multiple sources, hope this sheds some light!

Helps To Lower Theft

Let’s face it, almost any vehicle is prone to theft. Granted, some are more so than others. Parking your cherry picker on the ground leave it vulnerable to being stolen by someone who sees an opportunity for them to gain a vehicle of their own or just take it as they please.

By parking with the basket up high you’ll lower the chances that someone will want to steal yours due to the basket being too easy to get stuck and basically a signal flare to any police searching the area.

Without the key in the base you won’t be able to simply lower the basket unless someone was to climb up the entire basket arm to get into it and drop it back down, both risky and dangerous.

Free Advertising

Most companies will make sure to have their names on the basket and if well placed this will give a company the chance to advertise that they are available for any employment, repairs or other needs.

If you are in the need to hiring a cherry picker, as many won’t be able to purchase their own one and choose to rent, having a name on it can help lead to additional sales and interest.

Check Hydraulics

It can be used to make sure the hydraulics aren’t failing, by lifting it high into the air you can check to see if the bucket has dropped or if it is still up at the original height.

Watching to see if the bucket should be creeping is a solid way to know if you have an overall hydraulic issue or defect, allowing you to investigate and fix without someone getting stuck prior.

Less Storage Space on Site

A cherry picker isn’t a small footprint and if the bucket is down it can be even longer than you may have expected, leading to running out of ground space when stored collapsed.

If you know you are short on ground parking space you can begin to store them with the baskets up in the air to provide you more ground space to park additional heavy machinery instead.

One more thing, to help ensure you don’t accidentally damage any property or individuals with the cherry picker. Make sure it isn’t being stored in an area that isn’t large enough to hold what’s needed for space required during use, a good idea would be moving it off of site.

Less Liability Issues

With drunk people all around or kids wanting to play around, it’s easier to avoid liability issues when you store a cherry picker up making it out of reach for stunts and bad decisions overall.

Making sure to protect yourself from those who make bad choices is necessary to any business or owner of a cherry picker.

Final Call: Why Are Cherry Pickers Stored Up

I’ve been wondering about storing cherry pickers and what happens to them when they are not in use. There seem to be many different ways people store their cherry picker, but the best way is dependent on your location.

Do you have a particular method of storage that works for you? Let me know below!

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