What Does It Cost to Rent a Small Excavator

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When considering the cost to rent a small excavator, you might be surprised by the range of prices based on various factors.

Understanding the size, duration, and specific requirements of your project is important in determining the overall expense.

Before making a decision, it's vital to weigh the different rental rates, additional fees, and money-saving tips available in the market.

By being informed and strategic in your approach, you can make sure that renting a small excavator aligns with your budget and project needs.

Key Takeaways

Factors Affecting Small Excavator Rental Prices

Factors Affecting Small Excavator Rental Prices

When determining small excavator rental prices, the machine's weight and rental duration are key factors that greatly influence the overall cost.

Small excavators come in various sizes and weights, ranging from 4,000 lb. to 18,000 lb. The heavier the machine, the higher the rental costs are likely to be. Rental rates typically start at $197 per day for lighter models and can go up to $416 per day for heavier ones.

Additionally, the duration of the rental, whether it's daily, weekly, or monthly, also affects the total cost. For example, rates can range from $520 per week to $3,009 per month for larger excavators.

When considering small excavator rentals, it's important to compare options across different cities and rental companies to make sure you get the best deal for your project needs. By analyzing both the machine weight and rental duration, you can make an informed decision that suits your budget and requirements.

Average Cost of Small Excavator Rentals

To understand the average cost of small excavator rentals, consider the range of prices based on the machine's weight class.

Small excavator rental costs can vary greatly, with average daily prices ranging from $197 to $416. Weekly rental prices typically fall between $520 and $1,005, while monthly rates can range from $1,456 to $3,009.

The weight class of the small excavator plays an important role in determining the rental cost, with heavier machines generally costing more.

Renting a small excavator is an affordable option for various projects, offering flexible rental durations to cater to different needs.

Whether you require a 4,000 lb. excavator for a smaller job or an 18,000 lb. excavator for more extensive tasks, there are options available to suit your project requirements while keeping costs manageable.

Renting a small excavator provides a cost-effective solution for completing construction, landscaping, or excavation projects efficiently.

Small Excavator Rental Rates per Day

Considering the weight class of the small excavator, rental rates per day can vary greatly, ranging from $197 for a 4,000 lb. excavator to $416 for an 18,000 lb. excavator.

If you opt for a mid-range choice, there are options like $242 for an 8,000 lb. excavator or $312 for a 12,000 lb. excavator. These small excavator rental rates per day provide cost-effective options, making them suitable for short-term projects with varying project needs.

Renting a 4,000 lb. excavator for around $197 per day offers flexibility, while the larger 18,000 lb. excavator at $416 per day may be more suitable for heavier tasks.

Whether you need a small excavator for a quick job or a more extended project, the range of rental rates per day allows you to select the most fitting option based on your specific requirements.

Small Excavator Rental Rates per Week

When considering small excavator rental rates per week, factors like the size and weight of the machine play an important role in determining costs.

Heavier machines, such as 8,000 lb. excavators, may cost around $728 per week, while lighter options like 4,000 lb. mini excavators can be rented for approximately $520 weekly.

Understanding these weekly rental costs is important for making informed decisions to suit your project requirements.

Weekly Rental Costs

When renting a small excavator for a week, you can expect the rates to range from $520 to $1,005 depending on the size and weight of the machine.

Mini excavators weighing 4,000 lbs. may cost around $520 per week, while heavier 18,000 lb. models could be priced at $1,005.

An 8,000 lb. mini excavator typically falls between $728 to $907 for a week, varying by the rental company.

These rental costs cater to different project needs, offering flexibility for various excavator projects.

It's important to compare rental rates per week to make sure you choose the most cost-effective option for your specific project requirements.

Factors Affecting Rates

To understand the fluctuations in small excavator rental rates per week, it's essential to analyze the machine's size and weight, as they play a significant role in determining the overall costs.

Factors affecting rates include the tonnage of the excavator, with 4,000 lb. models costing approximately $520 per week, while heavier 18,000 lb. excavators can reach up to $1,278 per week for rental.

Rental prices for small excavators can vary based on the duration of the rental, with daily rates fluctuating between $197 to $416.

By considering your specific project needs and duration requirements, you can determine the most cost-effective rental option for small excavators.

Small Excavator Rental Rates per Month

Considering different weight categories, small excavator rental rates per month present a range of options to cater to diverse project needs.

For a mid-range option suitable for longer-term projects, renting a 12,000 lb excavator for a month can cost around $2,466.

If you have extended projects and require a heavier machine, an 18,000 lb excavator could be the right choice, with monthly rates averaging around $3,009.

The size and weight of the excavator play a significant role in determining the rental cost, with smaller 4,000 lb machines starting at $1,456 per month.

These rates provide flexibility for projects of varying durations, offering options in different weight categories to meet your specific requirements.

Whether you need a small excavator for a short-term task or an extended construction project, there are rental choices available to suit your needs and budget.

Additional Fees to Consider When Renting a Small Excavator

When renting a small excavator, keep in mind the hidden costs that might arise, such as delivery fees and fuel charges.

Consider opting for a damage waiver to protect yourself from unexpected expenses due to damages.

Be aware of potential cleaning fees and late charges that could impact the overall cost of renting the excavator.

Hidden Rental Costs

Hidden rental costs for a small excavator can greatly impact your overall budget, so it's essential to be aware of these additional fees before making a decision.

Additional fees to take into account when renting a small excavator include delivery charges based on distance or equipment weight.

Some rental companies may charge a damage waiver fee to cover potential damages to the excavator during the rental period.

Fuel charges might apply if the excavator isn't returned with a full tank, adding to the overall rental cost.

Cleaning fees could be incurred if the excavator is returned dirty or with excessive debris, leading to additional charges.

Late return fees may be imposed if the excavator isn't returned within the agreed-upon rental period, impacting the total cost of the rental.

Damage Waiver Options

To guarantee extensive coverage for potential damages during your small excavator rental, exploring the available damage waiver options is essential. These additional fees can provide protection against unexpected repair costs, theft, and damages to the rented equipment.

Damage waiver options for small excavator rentals may offer tiered options with varying coverage levels and corresponding fees. The cost of these waivers can differ based on the rental company and the duration of the rental period.

It's vital to understand the terms and conditions of the damage waiver to make an informed decision and promote proper coverage. By considering these options, you can mitigate risks and avoid potential financial liabilities in case of unforeseen incidents.

Tips for Saving Money on Small Excavator Rentals

To save money on small excavator rentals, explore different rental places for competitive rates and cost-saving opportunities. Consider renting during weekends or taking advantage of special deals that rental companies may offer.

By comparing rates and promotions from various rental places, you can find the most cost-effective option for your project needs. Additionally, posting a gig on platforms like Craigslist for manual labor might be a more affordable alternative to renting a small excavator, especially for smaller tasks.

Evaluate your project requirements to determine if specialized equipment is necessary to avoid unnecessary costs. Moreover, assess insurance coverage options for rented equipment to protect against potential damages and avoid incurring additional expenses during the rental period.

How Much Does it Cost to Rent an Excavator Operator for a Small Excavator?

When considering the cost to rent an excavator operator for a small excavator, it’s important to factor in the excavator operator wages complete guide. Prices can vary depending on location, experience, and the duration of the rental. It’s best to research and get quotes from different operators to find the best deal.


So, if you're looking to rent a small excavator for your next project, remember that the cost can vary based on factors like size, duration, and attachments.

On average, you can expect to pay around $197 to $416 per day, with weekly and monthly rates also available.

Be sure to take any additional fees and follow money-saving tips to get the best deal on your small excavator rental.

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