Riding Lawn Mower Rake Attachment

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A riding lawn mower rake attachment can be a helpful tool for mowing large areas. This attachment works by collecting leaves and other vegetative debris and chopping them into small pieces.

The material is then flung out of the side discharge portion of the mower or sucked up by a vacuum attachment and deposited into a container attached to the tractor.

You can tilt this container manually or use a mechanical sweeper rake. These rakes make it much easier to compost large amounts of leaves.

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Can I Use a Rake Attachment on my Kubota MX5200?

Yes, you can use a rake attachment on your Kubota MX5200. To ensure smooth operation and to troubleshoot any potential issues, it is recommended to consult the kubota mx5200 troubleshooting guide. This comprehensive guide will provide you with valuable information and insights on how to maximize the performance of your Kubota MX5200 with a rake attachment.


The Yard Tuff Acreage Rake 60 is a towable rake that covers 60 inches. It has twenty-four spring steel tines and is simple to use. It weighs about 100 pounds. For ease of maneuverability, the rake is equipped with a lifting handle.

This riding lawn mower rake attachment is designed to rake grass clippings, leaves, pine needles, and other debris. It is compatible with most riding lawnmowers.

The H473/60DFS riding lawn mower rake attachment is perfect for springtime cleanup. Designed for dethatching and comb-cutting grass, it is a must-have accessory.

Husqvarna Dethatcher Attachment

Adding a Husqvarna Dethatcher Attachment to your riding lawn mower can help you maintain a beautiful and healthy lawn.

The dethatcher is designed to cut through thick grass and moss. It features a 40-inch working width, seven-inch semi-pneumatic wheels, and a 70-pound weight tray for stability.

The attachment also features a handle to make transportation easy and a convenient hook-up.

Husqvarna Disc Harrow

A Husqvarna Disc Harrow riding-lawn-mower rake attachment has 42-inch cutting deck and two cutting blades. It features mow-in-reverse functionality and hydrostatic transmission. The 42-inch cutting deck is wide enough to handle most yards.

The Husqvarna Disc Harrow riding-lawn mower rake attachment is excellent for preparing beds for new gardens or killing existing lawns.

This attachment is simple to use and hooks up to the mower with a sleeve hitch. Disc harrows are excellent for preparing uniform seedbeds and are great for getting rid of old plants and weeds.

Riding-lawn mowers are a great option for larger properties or flat terrain. Many models have useful attachments to improve the lawn’s health, move heavy objects, and remove snow. You can even get a manufacturer’s warranty on some models.

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