Kubota SVL95 Error Codes

By Robert Romboa •  Updated: 10/17/22 •  2 min read

If your Kubota SVL95 is exhibiting some error codes, it may be time to take it to a mechanic for repair. These issues can arise for many reasons, including emissions control problems with the exhaust gas recirculation system. Fortunately, these issues are relatively easy to resolve, as long as you have the right information.

Problems with exhaust gas recirculation system

The exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) system on Kubota SVL95 skid steers is a major source of emissions problems. Its valve can become clogged with soot, allowing the gas to escape. This causes buildup in the DPF, resulting in engine faults. While the EGR system is secondary to the DPF, a clogged valve will cause your Kubota to fail.

Problems with emissions control system

One of the major problems with Kubota SVL95 skid steer emissions is the exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR). The EGR valve can become covered with soot, allowing gas to escape. This leads to a buildup of pollutants in the Kubota diesel particulate filter, or DPF. When this happens, engine faults can occur. The EGR system is secondary to the DPF.

Is the Error Code System Compatible Between Kubota Tractors and Kubota SVL95?

Yes, the error code system is compatible between Kubota tractors and the Kubota SVL95. Both use the same kubota tractor error codes to diagnose issues with the equipment, making it easier for users to interpret and address problems across different Kubota machinery.

Problems with engine fault codes

If you’ve ever noticed that your SVL95 skid steer isn’t performing as it should, you’re not alone. The exhaust gas recirculation system (EGR) can be a source of engine faults. Over time, soot can build up on the valve, which allows gas to escape. The resulting buildup can result in a Kubota DPF error code and engine failure.

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